Who We Are

Unions Working for Social Justice In West Central Alberta.

The Yellowhead Labour Council, chartered by the Canadian Labour Congress in 1999, represents affiliated unions in the Yellowhead County of Alberta. Affiliated union members in Hinton, Edson, Evansburg, Wildwood, Robb, Cadomin and area are welcome to participate in our labour council.

The Labour Council’s purpose is to improve the communities in which the members live, work and play, by advancing the economic and social welfare of all workers.


The purpose of this Labour Council are:

  1. To participate in and support the principles and the policies of the Canadian Labour Congress and the Alberta Federation of Labour.
  2. To promote the interests of its affiliates and generally to advance the economic and social well-being of workers.
  3. To assist in the organization of the unorganized into unions.
  4. To encourage all workers without regard to race, creed, sex, sexual orientation, colour or national origin to share in the full benefits of union organization.
  5. To protect and strengthen our democratic institutions to secure full recognition and enjoyment of the rights and liberties to which we are justly entitled, and to preserve and perpetuate the cherished traditions of our democracy.
  6. While preserving the independence of the labour movement from political control, to encourage workers to vote, to exercise their full rights and responsibilities of citizenship, and to perform their rightful part in the political life of the municipal, provincial, and federal governments.
  7. To establish communication between affiliated labour organizations.
  8. To secure legislation which will safeguard and promote the principle of free collective bargaining, the rights of workers, and the security and welfare of all people.
  9. To make presentations to government bodies.


Linda Travers (UFCW 401) President
Lara Kostyshyn (UNA Local 84) Vice President
Janice Driedger (CUPE Local 1357) Secretary Treasurer
Richard Blais (USW) Trustee

Service Area

Map of Yellowhead